Tefenni Villas Hotel; The farm of Mehmet Erkan's family is located in the West Mediterranean village Tefenni. Mehmet started the construction of his farm in 1985 on a beautiful piece of land from his parents. From 1985 till 2001 Mehmet practiced along with his three sons here a poultry farm for eggs and meat and sold on the local market. Mehmet's youngest son Engin is an independent entrepreneur in Antalya and it was always his dream to renovate the now derelict farmhouse and start an eco-tourism project. In 2012 Engin has begun to realize his dream and he started renovating the farm and build the villas. The ambition is to offer alternative tourism and introduce guests to Turkish culture, local customs and the beautiful countryside of Tefenni. Tefenni Villas is the first providor of eco-tourism in the province of Burdur. With this project family Erkan wants to promote  the village of Tefenni as a unique rural tourism destination and to support the local middle class and encourage them to develop.

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