The horse has been around for 70 million years. The horses of the past had a very different look. Many prehistoric species are already extinct. Yet man has learned to use the horse much later. One suspects that this 3,500 years ago began. The Tam making these animals was a difficult task.
There are now about 200 horse and pony breeds. You could have a pony and a horse easily know apart. A horse is larger than a pony. The pony has shorter legs and abdomen is rounder.
The horse is a useful animal. It is / was used in order to:
- Pull carts
- Help on the field
- For the (equestrian) sports
- As food
If you are riding it is important that you have no fluttering clothing, like a scarf or a loose jacket. This can scare the horses. 
Riders wear a pair of rubber or leather boots and riding breeches and on their head a horsecap.
the horsecap primarily serves for safety. It protects you from branches during a ride in the countryside or in case of a fall.
A rider pants ensures that one is not driving. (avoid injury by scouring)
The riding itself: you climb on a horse (this is not as easy as it seems), and takes the reins between your middle finger and your ring finger. You give a gentle poke in the belly with your foot or you give a tap with your whip. There are three courses: the walk, trot and canter.
Of course, a horse also has teeth ... foals and horses under 5 years old have milk teeth and molars. Four incisors and molars four. From 6 to 8 years they will get the permanent teeth. There are then 6 incisors and 12 fangs in each jaw. Later in life the horse drop the lower lip. Also get the dimples above the eyes containing gray hairs. The gray hairs we also note in the mane and tail.
To the wear of the teeth, one can determine the age.
A horse is a herbivore. It eats grass, hay, oats, straw and occasionally sometimes an apple or carrot. If you choose to feed a horse, you do it by placing your hand flat and let the horse quietly eat. A horse drinks a lot. An average of 30 to 50 liters of water per day.
Below is a summary of the material that you need to take care of a horse.
Hoof pick
Hoof pick with
Massage Brush
Soft brush

Many people want to pet horses. This is, of course, positive. Nevertheless, you should always approach a quiet horse. You must warn the horse by talking to it softly or giving a pat. Horse who feels uneasy may stomp ... and believe me it stomp very hard !!!!
There is the mare, stallion and gelding.
The mare = female horse
The stallion = male horse
The gelding = a castrated stallion
The foal = baby horse
Once the mare is pregnant, the pregnancy lasts 11 months. Immediately after birth, the foal drinks called the first milk or colostrum. This contains many nutrients which serves as protection against diseases. The foal remains 5 to 6 months with the mother.
Did you know that we can drink mare's milk?
This is very powerful and sweet. It tastes completely different than cow milk.

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