Lake Salda is one of Turkey's deepest, clearest and cleanest tectonic lakes. A place where everyone with a turquoise passion must fall down. The waters of Salda, a crater lake, start at the glass goblet and play in the indigo blue at the deepest places. A shattered crater lake. And there's something mysterious about it. The blueprints are also deep because the vegetation is formed by a volcanic eruption, which itself is the deepest lakes of Turkey with a depth of 184 meters.
The mystery of Salda does not end in the deep waters; The raft is carrying Mars features. The tsar has a white-like shore. It is thought that the red planet resembled Salda a million years ago because of the stromatolic rocks in the science. As you know, there are marks on Mars that point to the rivers and lakes in their time.


The lake of Salda is a crater lake at 1.180 meters in the Yeşilova District of Burdur. Snow is known as the Maldives of Turkey with white sand, glassy turquoise water. Here are the features that make the Salda shake:
* Firstly, Salda is Turkey's cleanest world's fifth cleanest lake! The water is so clear that the color competition with the Maldives is turquoise.
* Even the deepest fresh water lake of Turkey with a depth of up to 184 meters.
* The sand of lake is in the white race as well as the Maldives. In fact, this is the place where such a paradise place is actually shredded with this talcum powder. Magnesium mineral that gives him this white color. Even when something was left in the lake for a long time, a white layer formed over time. This shows that the lake still produces magnesite.
* The surrounding area has only endemic plant and animal species unique to Salda Lake. There are 3 endemic freshwater fish in the lake and wild pigs, foxes and turtles around the lake. This is also the habitat of winter ducks, which are endangered in the winter.
* Since the tectonic crater is a lake, the water of the Salda is rich in soda and magnesium. Anyway the secret of that unique white beach is also magnesium. It's all good things on the skin.
* The sand of Salda lake is also clayey structure is very suitable for the mud banyos very good on the skin.
Accommodation and hotels in Salda Lake

How do you get to the Salda lake?
The depth of the Salda lake?
Salda lake directions?
Salda lake accommodation?
Swimming in Lake Salda? etc., please contact us to find the correct answer, Tefenni Villas is 20 minutes away from Salda lake by driving.
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